Career Orientation Programme

Dear Parents

Our Grade 10 learners will be taking part in a 2 week Career Orientation Programme.

Our Career Orientation Programme has been highly successful ever since its inception in 1997. Through this programme, our grade 10 learners can experience the professional world first hand.  All parties involved – from the companies, learners, and parents to the teachers regard the experience gained as valuable and beneficial to all.

The concern that most young people have no experience in the work place has been heard from all sides – businesses, schools, parents, and learners. However, such contact cannot be expected from a career of twelve years at school directly followed by tertiary education.
Through our Career Orientation Programme we try to establish a link between school and the workplace. This should lead to school-leavers having a much better idea of what to expect and in being better prepared for entering the job market. The Career Orientation Programme gives learners the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the career they might choose at the end of their school career. This experience may confirm their choice, or, on the other hand, it might cause them to reconsider their options.

Participating learners shall, depending on the circumstances at their place of work, work under instruction and supervision for a certain period of time. In this way, they will get to know their talents, skills and capabilities. It will also afford them the opportunity to find out what are the demands of the profession of their choice.

  • Consent forms from parents needs to be handed in.
  • Please note that the programme is part of our educational process and schooling, therefor the learners will not receive any remuneration. The certificate for participation will also appear in their matric portfolios therefore the programme is compulsory.
  • All the documentation for the Career Orientation Programme will be provided on the school website.
  • Please note that the companies must have suitable work for the learner age groups, and each learner must be provided with a mentor from the company. Learners are not allowed to do their internships at any family companies.
  • The Companies itself must be within a radius of 30km of the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria. However this may be negotiated in special circumstances in which case a formal written letter needs to be handed in to motivate the request.
  • Learners are limited to work no more than 8 hours a day.
  • No payments are allowed to be made to the learners by the companies.
  • In case of an emergency or if a learner will not be able to make it to work on time, the learner has to phone the company and one of the Career Orientation teachers to let them know in time.
  • Teachers involved in the Career Orientation Programme are Mr Gehrke (Studien- und Berufsberater, HOD Career Guidance Department) and Mrs Löwe (Head of Subject Life Orientation).
Important dates:

24 February Consent form parents
25 April Consent form companies
7 to 11 May Online Registration
4 June First day Career Orientation Programme
15 June Last day Career Orientation Programme


Letter to companies – German
Letter to companies – English
Consent form – Parents
Consent form – Companies
Companies – 2013
Companies – 2014
Companies – 2015

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Kind Regards
Mrs M Löwe
HOS Life Orientation

Mr T Gehrke
Studien- und Berufsberatung
HOD Career Guidance Department


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