Reading Skills Workshop / Lesekompetenz-Workshop
25. Aug, 2018

Dear Teachers,


You are cordially invited to a workshop on 25 August  at 9:00 about “reading skills”.

The workshop is organised together with Konrad Wenhold, our librarian.

Target groups are all teachers of the DSP and our partner schools, that have an interest to improve reading skills of the learners.

The workshop will be facilitated by the author and publisher Gary Hirson.


Topics of the workshop are:

  • The 6000-year history of reading and writing and how this generation plays a role in its evolution.
  • How reading builds self-confidence.
  • The gift of imagination and how reading stimulates it.
  • How our imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • How reading can help us achieve our goals.
  • How reading can lead us on adventures – either real or imagined.
  • The choices that being able to read and write properly affords us – and how 1 choice led me to becoming a (self) published author and publisher of 5 books.
  • How reading a book led me to becoming a travel writer.
  • A fun imagination based exercise.
  • A magic trick comparing the trick to the magic that we each possess.


If you are interested, please send a short mail to


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