Grade R

Information on Grade R – English medium

At the Deutsche Schule Pretoria Grade R forms part of the primary school. German-speaking and non-German-speaking children aged 5 to 6 can attend Grade R. During their last year before school the children discover exciting things about themselves, other people and the world. Playing forms an important part in this process. Grade R learners actively participate in the activities of the primary school.



Daily Programme
From 07h00:  Time for free-play
08h00 – 12h35: Daily Programme/Routine
12h35:  Lunch
After lunch until 14h10: Time for free-play
14h10 – 17h30: Aftercare for registered children until 17h30


Daily Programme Activities

A well-balanced daily programme supports the development of your child towards school readiness:

Songs and poems on the weekly topic

  • Stories and communication to improve vocabulary and general knowledge
  • Special promotion of language skills by a primary school teacher
  • Introduction to the sounds of letters
  • Early mathematics based on a playful approach to first sums
  • Opportunity to talk freely and to participate in discussions
  • Fairy tales and story books to promote imagination and vocabulary
  • Creative craft activities to develop fine motor skills and creativity
  • Gymnastics and swimming to improve gross motor skills
  • Free play time for relaxation and for the promotion of communication and social behaviour
  • Biblical stories and prayer during religious studies
  • General promotion of the child through a wide range of toys and books
  • Songs and circle games to promote access to music
  • Dance and movement games for rhythmical development
  • Strengthening of self-confidence through all activities


Particular focus point of our work is to lay the foundation for, to consolidate and to promote the German language.

Our educational concept is guided by the motto: “Enjoy learning how to learn.”


“The better a person knows a language, the better he can think!”

This quotation underlines the importance of our approach to teaching languages to children who speak German as a mother tongue in order to improve their vocabulary, their ways of expressing themselves and their general knowledge; and to children who do not speak German as a mother tongue in order to allow them to learn a world language which will greatly improve their future career opportunities.

The Deutsche Schule Pretoria provides your child with the opportunity of learning German and English as first languages, Afrikaans as official language and French as another world language or Sotho as a local language.

At the end of Grade 12 your child can write the matriculation / NSC examination as well as the Abitur, an internationally accepted school-leaving certificate.

The Deutsche Schule Pretoria will open the world for your child.


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