Chemistry is a compulsory subject for gr. 7 – 9 (NSC) and gr. 7 – 10(Kombizweig).

From gr. 10 – 12 (NSC), physical science, consisting of physics and chemistry, is a choice subject.

Gr. 11 – 12 (Kombizweig), chemistry is also a choice subject.

The chemistry laboratory is of a very modern design, completed in 2010. We strive to ensure that the learners experience the practical component to the fullest by demonstration experiments, but most importantly, hands-on experience.

The classroom and laboratory have internet access and electronic whiteboards, to ensure modern teaching methods.

The curriculum followed by the DSP from gr. 7 – 9 is a combination of the German, as well as the South African departments.

Gr. 10 – 12 (Kombizweig) follow the curriculum as prescribed by the KMK and Gr. 10 – 12 (NSC) the prescribed IEB curriculum. The curricula are available on the website.


Various activities are organized annually by the chemistry department:

  • National science Olympiad
  • Mintek science quiz
  • DSP science expo
  • Northern-Gauteng regional expo

The DSP is a proud participant at the regional science expo for many years. We always achieve very good results.

In 2010, we received the trophy and gold medal for the best animal science project, presented by Christian Harney and Thomas Karberg. They investigated the ability of dog saliva to kill bacteria.

At the DSP we also offer community outreach programs, which include extra physical science classes to learners from Mamelodi High school.

The department consists of a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers.



The chemistry department is a vibrant part of the school community and we invite you to contact any of the teaching staff for further information:

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