English is taught from Grade R to Grade 2, when an introduction to the language is presented, and pupils do only oral work. From Grade 3, learners attend 5 lessons of English First Language tuition per week. From Grade 9 – Grade 12 the South African IEB (Independent Examination Board) Home Language syllabus is followed.


At the end of Grade 12, all pupils at the DSP write the external, IEB Examinations. This qualification is accepted by both the South African and the German Education Authorities, which means that all pupils, whether they follow the South African National Senior Certificate or the German Abitur stream, are prepared to write the same examinations.



Extracurricular Activities:



  • Theatre:


Younger pupils are introduced to the theatre when a Theatre group visits the school at least once a year. Older learners attend appropriate Theatre productions whenever the opportunity arises.




  • English Olympiad:


Grade 10 – 12 learners enter for the Olympiad that is held under the auspices of the South African Council for English Education every year. They thus have the opportunity to explore themes not directly related to the syllabus, and to express their ideas and insights.




  • Public Speaking:


Learners may acquire this valuable skill by joining an extracurricular club, and they have the opportunity to test their skills when the school participates in Public Speaking or Orators’ Competitions.




For more information, contact the Subject Head, or any of the teachers, at the school’s address.

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