Geography is offered at the German School Pretoria as a compulsory subject from Grade 5 to 9 (2 lessons a week).  It is offered as an optional subject for the scholars of the NSC branch from Grade 10 to 12.


The German syllabus is followed and South African content is added to form a well rounded syllabus for students, from all nationalities, attending the German School.  We cover various topics including Space, Germany, South Africa, Europe, Africa, weather, climate, vegetation, studies of different countries from the developing and developed world, geomorphology, global warming and mapwork.


The subject is offered by qualified teachers from South Africa and Germany.  We have a well equipped Geography room with, amongst others, various resource books, maps, videos, a computer and whiteboard.

If you have any questions about the Geography department, please contact the subject teacher or the subject head (Mrs Ounaceur) at

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