Life Orientation

Life Orientation is a compulsory subject in both the NSC and Kombi qualifications offered at the DSP.
The subject strives to develop knowledge, skills and values in learners that will enable them to be effective in their community and society.

The following learning outcomes are covered in the subjects Sport, Social studies and Religion by experienced and competent teachers that are specialists in each subject.

The four learning outcomes:
Personal well-being and development

Achieve and maintain personal well-being

Citizenship education

Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the values and rights that underpin the constitution in order to practice responsible citizenship, and to enhance social justice and sustainable living.

Recreation and physical well-being

Explore and engage responsibly in recreation and physical activities, to promote well-being.

Careers and career choices / The world of work

Demonstrate self-knowledge and the ability to make informed decisions regarding further study, career fields and career pathing.

Our learners also engage in compulsory external tasks that are assessed by external bodies
Career Orientation programme

The DSP has established relations with about 300 companies in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg. Grade 10 learners have the opportunity to ‘work’ for 2 weeks in the second term and get the feel of their intended career.

Community Service

Grade 11 pupils are expected to do at least 12 hours of community service.


Ms Löwe (HOD)

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