Mathematics in the new Secondary school – 2013



2013 sees the last group of Matriculants writing their matric examination according to the National Curriculum Statement Grades 10-12. This includes the optional Paper 3 which comprises mainly of Geometry, Probability and Data Handling.


Since 2012 the National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12 is being fased in gradually. Last year Grade 10 was taught according to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Mathematics. By next year all the classes from Grade 5 to Grade 12 will be subjected to the contents of CAPS. The content of the optional Paper 3 is now incorporated in the Mathematics Core Syllabus.


Mathematical Litheracy is offered in Grade 11 and 12. Because of the voluminous range of the new core syllabus, especially in Grade 10, we are looking into the possibility of offering Maths Litheracy in Grade 10.


An important part in our lessons, is to make learners comfortable with problem solving. Tests and examinations are set to four levels:


  • Knowledge
  • Routine procedures
  • Complex procedures
  • Problem solving




Every year our learners take part in the South African Mathematics Olympiad.


The first round took place on 14 March. 17 learners qualified for the second round.



 Learners writing the South african Mathematics Olympiad.




For the first time a group of Grade 6c learners will take part in the international Känguru Mathematics Competition. This competition takes place on 11 April.


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