Subject of special interest

Grades 5 and 6


The subject of special interest is a unique subject in which all learners of Grades 5 and 6, who are not part of the school orchestra, can participate. This subject was introduced at the school in 2009.  Primarily, non-curricular materials are covered that allow learners to do some practical, hands-on work.  Furthermore, working together in the subjects of special interest is to promote integration!

Courses from the following fields of interest are offered:

Languages, Arts & Culture, Society, Natural Sciences and Sport

Most courses are offered for one semester, allowing learners to choose a new course for the second semester.  Courses consist of 9 to 15 learners from Grades 5 and 6 from the mainstream as well as the NSek stream.

The soirée of subjects of special interest is held in the 3. quarter and provides learners with the possibility of presenting their products and experiences. 

For any questions regarding this subject please do not hesitate to contact Ms Johannes (Subject Head) at

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