Subject: English (EDA)

Primary School – V-Zweig (English branch)

EDA – English differentiation

The Deutsche Schule Pretoria accepts differences in learners and realizes that they have individual needs.

We teach English Home Language in the V-Zweig and pride ourselves that we have a high academic standard at our school. To uphold this standard, we offer a differentiation programme to cater for the diverse needs of the learners.
We accommodate all learners by using different ways of teaching. This ensures quality education for all.

We offer the differentiation programme to the V-Zweig Learners in Grade 3 and Grade 4. The classes are divided into 2 groups for two consecutive lessons per week. The allocation into the group is based on the evaluation of the Subject teacher in English of the previous year as well as the current year.

Reading and spelling will be the main focus.

The two groups are:
1.Support Group – Learners experiencing difficulties in reading, writing and comprehension.
2.Enrichment Group – Learners that need to be challenged with higher order activities in reading, writing and comprehension.

In these differentiation lessons, learners will receive support focusing on their strengths and weaknesses in order for them to reach their full potential in English.

2015 Procedure for the implementation of the Differentiation lessons – Subjects English Home language (EDA) and Mathematik (MDA)

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