Subject: Mathematics (MDA)

Primary School – V-Zweig (English branch)

MDA – Mathematics differentiation

Each learner develops at their own pace regarding the competences in Maths. The reason for this is because the learners from the Deutsche Schule Pretoria come from different social backgrounds and the learners in each class are at a different stage in their development.

Our learners reflect a big diversity of Mathematical challenges, where some learners understand concepts of numbers, story sums and geometry easily, while others need more support to grasp these concepts.

We are offering the differentiation programme to the Learners from Grade 3 and Grade 4 of the V-Zweig. The classes will be divided into 2 groups based on the results of the diagnostic test written in the first term.

The two groups are:
1. Support group: Learners experiencing learning difficulties with Mathematical concepts.
2. Enrichment group: Learners that need to be challenged with higher order activities as well as additional training.

In Grade 3 the learners have 2 MDA lessons per week. In one lesson the class divides into the above mentioned groups for an individual lesson and in the second lesson the Support teacher joins the Enrichment teacher for a combined lesson.

In Grade 4 the only have one MDA lesson per week where they divide into their respective groups.
In these differentiation lessons, learners will receive individual support focusing on their strengths and weaknesses in order for them to better achieve their full potential in Mathematics.
2015 Procedure for the implementation of the Differentiation lessons – Subjects English Home language (EDA) and Mathematik (MDA)

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