Dear School Community


Together we mourn the passing of Max Claase (11.02.2011– 11.04.2020).


Losing a loved one is difficult. Each one of us deals with that loss differently. With a virtual mourning room in this time of isolation and limitation, we would like to help people to access grief in different ways and thus enable processing the experience in various forms.
In addition, by overcoming the grief together there is also the potential that it may lead to solidarity among each other.


The mourning room can be found under the following link: Virtual Mourning Room


Everyone (learners, teachers and parents) has the opportunity to speak with one of our pastors. Pastor Nicole Otte-Kempf and youth deacon Angelina Ahrens are present on Thursdays from 8:00 – 12:00 on Teams and by private arrangement available for counselling.


We send you our warmest greetings


Beate Kiehn (Principal)


Nicole Otte-Kempf (Reverend)