Tasks in the Governing Body

The new Governing Body is united in its efforts to progressively develop the already achieved standard of the DSP as an “Excellent German School Abroad”.


Christian and ethical values guide the Governing Body in its daily work. The principle of achievement, progress as well as diversity are important drivers in this.


The Governing Body is aware of its responsibility for the community, the learners and staff.


The highly motivated, qualified teachers play a central role in the DSP. Therefore, the Governing Body wants to ensure that an excellent learning environment continues to develop by providing optimal parameters.


The DSP imparts a democratic learning culture with the aim of strengthening the learners’ personalities and preparing them for a global future.

Annual General Meeting

Dear parents!
Dear members of the Deutscher Schulverein Pretoria!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!


We hereby cordially invite you to this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Deutscher Schulverein Pretoria on Wednesday, 24th March, at 19:00 in the Aula of the DSP.


Please note that all current Corona protocols and a compulsory registration still apply at this event.


AGM reports can be requested via [email protected]






Temporary Agenda 


Reports & Organisation




Nomination form

Annual General Meeting

This year’s Annual General Meeting of the Deutscher Schulverein Pretoria takes place on Friday, 30th October, at 20:00 in the Aula of the DSP.

Below are relevant documents for the meeting:


Prior registration is essential.

Please send your registrations to [email protected] until latest at 12:00pm on the 29.10.2020, with the following Information:

a. Name(s) and Number of participating members

b. Booking of Translation service (Translation is only from German to English)

Temporary Agenda 

Board Candidates

Motion 1 – Vocational School Branch  
Countermotion Vocational School Branch
Motion 2 – School Fee reduction
countermotion school fee reduction

Motion 3 – Dissolve Governing Body