Not only chasing distinctions but preparing young minds for a global future…

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria’s Class of 2018 consists of 49 learners who boast a 100% pass rate. This exceptional group of learners achieved 119 distinctions as well as 109 B-symbols and 88 C-symbols. 96% of these learners passed with admission to study for a Batchelor’s degree.


We are very proud of our Top-achiever, Golo Mühr who obtained a dream score of 1.0 in his Abitur and aced ten distinctions in his Matric.

Although Golo’s future plans are not cast in stone as yet, his excellent marks and Kombi-Abitur afford him entrance into local universities and at the same time open the door to international studies. His passion for sound engineering, lighting and video production made him a familiar face in the school’s technical booth where he strutted his stuff at various functions and school events. Golo believes in staying focussed and says: “I am grateful for the many opportunities I received during at the multi-cultural and multi-faceted DSP.”

Our second position is shared by Katrin Kirchner and Ekaterina Vakhutinskaya who both achieved nine distinctions.

In the Kirchner family, academic success seems to run in their genes.  Katrin topped her brother Nikolai’s 2016 achievement of seven distinctions by obtaining top laurel in the nine subjects.

Ekaterina, a Russian native will be doing some travelling before heading for Hamburg, Germany where she will be studying medicine. Her motto: “Hard work pays off” surely rang true for her.  As a tutor she assisted learners and during her down time she could be found on the tennis- or volleyball court, at the movies or doing art.  Ekaterina underlines that the DSP education, with its direct connection to Germany, was a great advantage in helping to pave the way for her future plans.

Our third position, with eight distinctions respectively, is also shared by two promising learners Maereg Terefe and Hannah Schulz

Over and above Maereg’s exceptional results she was awarded a bursary from the University of Pretoria.  She endeavours to study medicine and wants to specialise in neurology. Maereg is an avid reader, excelled with 100% in the Programming Olympiad, passed the Mathematics Olympiad and received an “A” at the public speaking festival.  She is a positive thinker and advises: “If you are afraid, visualise the worst case scenario and imagine overcoming it tactically.”  Maereg enjoyed the small classes at the DSP, the academic rigor and the focus on quality education.

Hannah loves volleyball, anything “outdoorsy” as well as horse riding, which makes her chosen field of study, Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences at Onderstepoort an obvious one!   Her excellent academic record, as well as top scores in the English and Afrikaans Olympiad are most likely a result of her heeding her mother’s advice. “Never leave anything, in terms of exams, to chance, do your absolute best and therefore have no regrets.” Hannah explains. She commends the DSP’s approach of combined sports lessons from Grade 10 to 12 to foster interactions and relationships across grades and the small classes which allow for a more personal approach and contact-sessions with teachers.

The following learners received seven distinctions each:
Max Coetzee
Thomas Kabutz


The following learners received five distinctions each:
Marlene Lange
Thorben Oel


The following learners received four distinctions each:
Erwin Güther
Finn Metz
Siphokazi Nkosi
Nicole Ottermann
Nicola Shingles
Kai Weber

The following learners received three distinctions each:
Ndumiso Beierlein
Ezile Dumzela
Cherezaan Hartze
Tashriq Moerat
Ofentse Netshivangane
Zandile Tabata
Boitumelo Thulare


The following learner received two distinctions:
Salomé van Wyk

The following learners received 1 distinction each:
Elverouscha Block
Fezile Mahlangu
Nonhlakanipho Mahlangu
Thapelo Manamela
Kgethelo Motshweni
Rethagan Scheepers
Taylor Williams

“Our flexible approach through either the Kombi-Abitur or the NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma allows entrance to local universities and opens the door to study internationally. We therefore equip our learners to tailor a global future for themselves regardless of the path they choose” concludes Mrs Lotter who co-ordinates the NSC at the DSP.

Get your entrance ticket to a global future from the DSP

Get your entrance ticket to a global future from the DSP

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria (DSP), which offers tuition from 3 months to Grade 12 is independently rated as an international school of excellence. Young minds are prepared for a global future from an early age.  Learners in the higher grades are continuously exposed to the challenges of tertiary education and the future. Teaching is guided by German as well as South African syllabi and prepares learners for the different school-leaving certificates that can be obtained at the DSP.



Ms Kapfhammer, who coordinates the combined South African and German qualification at the DSP explains: “Teaching in Secondary School II (Grades 10 to 12) is characterised by small classes that allow intensive debate on content and scientific methods, top results in all examinations and two school-leaving certificates after 12 years.”



The DSP offers:


  • The German International Abitur  and the National Senior Certificate (NSC) from the Independent Examination Board (IEB), called the Kombi-Abitur or;
  • The NSC from the IEB together with the German Language Diploma Level 2.


Tailor your path to study locally or abroad

The NSC is a prerequisite for taking up studies in South Africa.  Our flexible approach through either the Kombi-Abitur or the NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma opens the door to study internationally. We therefore equip our learners to tailor a global future for themselves regardless of the path they choose.



A tale of two learners in two countries

We caught up with the top-performing students from 2016 and 2017 to get their view of how the DSP has prepared them for their post-school journey.  Both completed their Kombi-Abitur at the DSP, both have chosen to study medicine but  Paola Schildhauer from the Class of 2016 has opted to study in Germany while Jessica Wolf from the Class of 2017 has chosen to study in South Africa.


Paola obtained 9 distinctions in 2016 and after some work and travel commenced her studies in medicine at the Martin Luther Universität in Halle Germany, where she is now enjoying her second year. When asked how the DSP prepared her for her studies Paola comments: “The Abitur taught me to think for myself and made me more open minded, so I was ready to step out into the world and be independent.  In terms of knowledge, I was perfectly prepared for the University lectures. In my case, Biology, Physics and Chemistry where no problem for me, thanks to our excellent teachers.”


After qualifying at the end of 2017 with a total of 10 distinctions, Jessica Wolf started studying medicine at the University of Stellenbosch at the beginning of 2018. She elaborates on the advantage of having completed her Abitur: “Academically, the Abitur is definitely different to the NSC from the IEB. I noticed that there are some things that are done in more depth in the Abitur than in the IEB or NSC and vice versa. In general, however, the Abitur included the more complex topics and taught me how to solve a problem myself. In my first semester I had Chemistry and Biology as two of my subjects. In Chemistry I had already covered the entire content in my school career, whereas most of it was completely new to students who previously did an NSC. In Biology I was also familiar with the majority of the content.”


Jessica confirmed that the DSP definitely prepared her well for cultural diversity and multifaceted thinking. “I find myself well equipped for group work as well as individual tasks that require a lot of self-discipline. The Abitur in particular has taught me to think in different ways and always have various approaches to solve a problem. When given tasks of interpretation and understanding I find that it is a lot easier for me to see the overall concept than for many others that have not enjoyed the education I received at the DSP.” she elaborates.


Looking back Jessica summarises her school career as follows: “I can say that the DSP taught me way more than just academics, it taught me how to tackle life.” 


Speak German, think global

The basis for a quality German education at the DSP is a command of the German language.  The school is geared to support learners with no or little German language skills that show the necessary aptitude and willingness to learn the language to support them. German is taught on a foreign language and mother-tongue level to accommodate the diverse levels of competency of the learners. Learners who are exposed to German from as young as Crèche or Kindergarten age have an advantage to learners who start at a later stage.


Our head girl from 2018, Ofentse Netshivangane explains how her passion for German and the German educational system developed: “I started attending the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria in 2011 as a Grade 5 learner. The environment was still very new and I had to adjust to the different teaching system, but with the help of the friendly pupils and teachers at school, I managed to adjust and have enjoyed my time at the DSP since. I was really keen on learning a new language and my eagerness to learn German led to me being the top student in my German class throughout my school career. In 2017, I even got the opportunity to travel on a 30-day all-expenses paid trip to Germany after being placing second in the annual Nationwide German Language Olympiad.  I have fallen in love with the country ever since!”


The DSP also has an active Scholar Exchange Programme for Grade 10 learners and offers Study Tours to partner Universities in Germany for Grade 11 learners.  All these opportunities enable deserving learners to experience Germany first hand.


Class of 2018

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria’s Class of 2018 consists of 49 promising learners who will soon spread their wings either in South Africa or abroad.


Three of our top-performing learners, Tumi Thulare, Ezile Dumzela and Zandile Tabata, who have successfully completed the German Language Diploma agree that the DSP has promoted individuality, exposed them to cultural diversity with over 25 nationalities represented at the school but most of all has opened a world of possibility by empowering them with a sterling education and the added advantage of the German Language Diploma.


In the words of our Alumni, Paola Schildhauer we wish them well: “If you work hard and are determined, many doors will open and you will be one step closer to achieving your dream. Just don’t give up, you have your entire life in front of you and the world at your feet.”

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