DSP Class of 2020

DSP Class of 2020 – showing courage and tenacity in the face of adversity

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria’s Class of 2020 consisted of 46 learners who boast a 100% pass rate. This promising group of learners achieved 76 distinctions as well as 93 B-symbols and 100 C-symbols. 96% of these learners passed with admission to study for a Batchelor’s degree. Our Abitur class of 2020 , furthermore achieved an outstanding average of 2.0. The DSP’s internationally recognised school leaving certificate as well as a sound knowledge of the German language opens the door to the world by affording the learners the opportunity to not only study in South Africa but also at universities abroad.


We are very proud of our top-achievers, Lisabeth Hasse and Max Mühr who both achieved 8 distinctions.


Lisabeth Hasse

Abitur Biology, Abitur Chemistry, Abitur History, Mathematics, Afrikaans (FAL), Arts Appreciation, English (HL), Life Orientation

Lisabeth plans to study in Germany to become a professor in a mathematical field. She wants to gain financial independence in the next 10 years as well as a deep understanding of the world and philosophy. She aims to learn to live and not just work. Lisabeth is proud of the very distinct culture at the DSP that still allows for individual thought. “Even though we are a fairly small school, we have learners who excel at so many different things. The DSP does not pressure everyone to be the same or do the same things, but encourages each learner to unfold their own individuality and strive towards personal goals. This is evident through all the places where DSP learners can be found: international orchestras, sports championships, choir competitions, robotics competitions and so much more,” explains Lisabeth. According to Lisabeth most teachers at the DSP really care about the learners and will not let them waste their life away in the lessons, but try to help the learners achieve their personal best in every possible situation.

Max Mühr

Abitur Biology, German (HL), Abitur History, Mathematics, Afrikaans (FAL), Arts Appreciation, English (HL), Life Orientation

Max is also headed for Germany to do some mini-jobs before commencing his studies in political sciences or law. He commends the DSP teachers for keeping him motivated and their tremendous support throughout the difficult final year. Max believes that the exceptional teachers make the DSP unique: “Every day they come to class with new energy and humour. They not only teach subjects, but students and without them we would be completely different people. I am very thankful for everything they did for us.”


In second position we congratulate Janina Hettasch, Maike Kabutz, and Sabrina Lamos with 6 distinctions.


Janina Hettasch

Abitur Biology, German (HL), Mathematics, Afrikaans (FAL), English (HL), Music Appreciation

Janina boasts an exceptional musical talent which she showcased as a member of the Simfonia Juventi Youth Orchestra for four years. She was also a member of the South African National Youth Orchestra before COVID-19 silenced our orchestras. Janina who plays the viola, violin and piano hopes to find an orchestra or ensemble to play in after relocating to Germany where she wants to study English and Culture (BA). Upon reflecting on her schooling at the DSP Janina comments: “Ever since I joined the Kindergarten when I was two, the DSP has been like a family to me. My school not only brought me from infancy to my very final exams, it also supported me and gave me the opportunity to travel, partake in competitions and championships and grow into the person that I am today. Despite my rather unique culture and nationality, I never felt like an outsider and could embrace both my European and my South African heritage.”

Maike Kabutz

Afrikaans (FAL), English (HL), Deutsch (HL), Information Technology, Life Orientation, Mathematics

Maike is a talented musician, being the principle Oboe player in the Simfonia Juventi Youth Orchestra, a seasoned robotics enthusiast and team captain as well as a passionate unicyclist. Maike has her sights set on studying Occupational Therapy. “I want to help people around me as much as possible,” says Maike. Looking back Maike values the enormous cultural diversity at the DSP as well as the amazing community, teachers and learners.

Sabrina Lamos

Abitur Biology, Abitur Chemistry, Mathematics, Afrikaans (FAL), English (HL), Life Orientation

Sabrina enjoys cooking and gastronomy as well as Hip Hop dancing, Mauy Thai (martial art) and reading. Once she has moved to Germany, she intends to start her professional chef and culinary training. She also wants to study nutritional science with a long term, goal of becoming an entrepreneur and to establish her own business. Sabrina would recommend the DSP because it affords learners the opportunity to engage with the German education system and enables one to study in Germany.


In third position, we congratulate Thomas Schulz, Benjamin Spanaus and Julia Wagner with 5 distinctions each.


Thomas Schulz

English (HL), Deutsch (HL), Information Technology, Mathematics, Advanced Programming Mathematics

Tom received a scholarship from the Board of Trustees of the Neitz Foundation on the basis of his academic achievement, his diligence, but also his commitment to the class and school community as well as his character and social behaviour. Tom is a passionate sportsman and enjoys anything computer related. To study Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria was therefore a natural choice for him. Tom sees the past year of online learning and home schooling in a positive light since it helped him to improve his time management and self-discipline as well as allowing him to work at this own pace.

Benjamin Spanaus

Abitur Chemistry, Abitur History, Abitur Mathematics, Abitur Physics, Life Orientation

Benjamin has his sights set on studying Psychology in the Netherlands. He would like to travel, do a job he enjoys, enjoy life and be beneficial for humanity. This top-achiever comments that at the DSP one feels less of a separation between oneself and the teachers than at other schools. Teachers are often interested in the learners as individuals not merely as learners.

Julia Wagner

German (HL), Abitur History, Afrikaans (FAL), Life Orientation, Music Appreciation

Julia reflects on the unusual final year: “We have learned more than ever before, and not in the form of chemical formulae and biological definitions, but in the form of experiences that will certainly be of great help to us in the future. And if we can’t make use of them now, hopefully we’ll be able to tell our children and grandchildren about them one day.”


The following learners received four distinctions each:


Jean Groenewald

Abitur Biology, Abitur History, Afrikaans (FAL), Arts Appreciation

Chandler Jacobus

Afrikaans (FAL), Business Studies, English (HL), German (DaF)


The following learner received three distinctions:

Jens Adrian

Abitur History, Abitur Mathematics, Abitur Physics


The following learners received two distinctions each:

Savanté Moltenos

Afrikaans (FAL), German (DaF)

Joselinne Kweyama

Afrikaans (FAL), German (DaF)


The following learners received 1 distinction:

Relebogile Chikane
German (DaF)


Marko Günther
Afrikaans (FAL)


Asanda Hadebe
Mathematical Literacy


Thobile Khumalo
Mathematical Literacy


Botshelo Masemula
German (DaF)


Nthabiseng Matjebele
German (DaF)


Mpho Matlala
Mathematical Literacy


Katlego Mogale
Mathematical Literacy


Bonolo Mokonto
Mathematical Literacy


Melanie Nowack
Music Appreciation


Moalosi Ntai


Maximillian van Gumpel
Arts Appreciation


The DSP, which offers tuition from 3 months to Grade 12 is independently rated as an international school of excellence. Young minds are prepared for a global future from an early age. Learners in the higher grades are continuously exposed to the challenges of tertiary education and the future. Teaching is guided by German as well as South African syllabi and prepares learners for the different school-leaving certificates that can be obtained at the DSP.



Ms Kapfhammer, who coordinates the combined South African and German qualification at the DSP explains: “Teaching in Secondary School II (Grades 10 to 12) is characterised by small classes that allow intensive debate on content and scientific methods, top results in all examinations and two school-leaving certificates after 12 years.”



A dual school-leaving certificate is comprised of:
– The German International Abitur and the National Senior Certificate (NSC) from the Independent Examination Board (IEB), called the Kombi-Abitur or;
– The NSC from the IEB together with the German Language Diploma Level 2.



“Our flexible approach through either the Kombi-Abitur or the NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma allows entrance to local universities and opens the door to study internationally. Our learners are educated to be critical thinkers that are able to adapt to new situations.” concludes Mrs Bischofberger who co-ordinates the NSC at the DSP.