DSP Life @ Home / Helene

20 years ago, a special person began to leave big footprints at the DSP. She has encouraged and inspired countless learners with her positivity and wisdom, and as she herself says, ”watched them grow up into amazing young people”. We congratulate Helen Share, our Deputy Head: English, on this anniversary and hope that she will remain part of our DSP family for many more years to come.

From home she tells us about her highlights of 20 years at the DSP and her experiences with the German language and looks forward to seeing you all again soon:



  • What does the jubilee mean for you?

Wow, I can’t believe I have been at the DSP for 20 years already. Like they say, “Time flies when you are having fun”. There are so many highlights, from meeting new staff members on a regular basis to making very good friends. I think the highlight for me was and still is to see the smiling faces of the children on the days when they feel good, and to assist them with problems, when they have a bad day, plus the opportunity to watch them grow up into amazing young people. There is not better feeling than meeting a past learner and hearing about their adventures in the big world. The one thing that always gives me a warm feeling in my heart is when people are happy. This is my motto that I try and live by: “Provide a little happiness in someone’s life as often as possible.”



  • After 20 years, is there any specific German behavior or character trait that rubbed off on you?

Yes. Running of a meeting and the importance of processes and procedures. But still, I am a real South African.



  • How good is your German?

I did German at school up to Grade 12 and after 20 years at the DSP, I understand German very well, but believe it or not, I still need enough confidence to speak. The only time I speak German is when I do Vertretung (substitution) with the little ones (VS – Grade 4). This is not always a boost for your confidence as they are very quick to correct you when you make a mistake. Though, I can speak German very well after a relaxing glass of wine.



  • What is your favourite German word and why?

Keine Ahnung. It is the right answer to so many questions.



  • Do you have a favourite picture from your time at the DSP?

I wouldn’t be able to pick just one, because every memory of the past 20 years has a special place in my heart.


Thank you DSP for making me part of your family. I love you all!


Helene Share (Deputy Head: English)