DSP Live @ Home / Kerstin

Let me start off with a famous quote by Maya Angelou:

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it”

As we all enter a time of uncertainty and confusion, I really challenge you to shift your mindset to that of FREEDOM.

Can you even remember when last you had barely nothing to do?

This is a very challenging time for those who are unable to make a decent income in the next 21 days, who may have lost their job, or a time where we are unable to visit our friends or older family members. I know of some people who will be spending this time alone, with no one around them to walk this journey with.

There are thousands of people across the globe who don’t have a safe place to go to, who do not have enough food, no running water and not enough essential items to survive. There are thousands of children who are stuck at home, don’t have nice pens to draw with, no activities to do, no technology for online work or no scissors or glue to craft with.

Some more fortunate ones like us are “forced” to be in lockdown with the people who we love, with enough food to eat and enough money. The next time you may feel frustrated or “stuck”, I encourage you to think of all the people out there who are suffering or dealing with severe illness, mental or physical conditions. Those who are suffering a personal loss or those who are alone.

We live in very stressful times where we barely cope with our daily activities. We survive this rat race on a daily basis, praying and longing for a bit of time-out, a little bit of peace and a bit more time to rest. We don’t do enough for the people who matter the most, and hardly ever for ourselves.

I am a teacher at the DSP and love my job. I am also a wife, and a mother of 3 young children. This time at home is a blessing. Yes, we are all ‘stuck’ and wish things were different. Yes, these are challenging times ahead of us and we worry about the health and well-being of those around us. The whole world is at a standstill, trying to figure it out and trying to do what is best. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, in a week or even a month from now, or maybe even years. Maybe that scares us, maybe we are anxious or nervous or maybe we feel uneasy about this time, but your mind is strong, and your heart is big, always remember that.

APPRECIATE AND VALUE every moment that you have now to talk to your partner or laugh with your children. Cuddle your pets. Bake, cook and craft, read a book or call that friend. Be creative! You are being forced to do things differently, so don’t disappoint. Sit under a tree or watch the stars. Lie in the hammock and listen to music! Or just dance. Play a board game, take photos and write a diary. The options are endless! Take it all in, have faith and be positive. There is so much to be grateful for. Maybe purely the fact that we are so restless in this situation is that we haven’t really understood just how blessed we are to have so much, now that it’s all ‘on hold’.

Some teacher/mom advice for those who have children:

Make sure you use this time to connect to them. Listen to them, laugh, dance and sing with them, talk to them, play with them, enjoy them. Be creative, draw pictures, build puzzles or Lego. Teach them new things, like cooking, baking and cleaning, woodwork or needlework! Let them skip, run and play in the mud. Yes, also do the times table or left-over schoolwork, but your child’s mental health is more important than their academic achievements right now.

Everything happens for a reason. And everyone will get through it. It can be a sad time or a happy one. Choose wisely. Live! Love! Laugh!

Sending love and health and happy vibes in abundance to everyone out there.


Kerstin Kruger (DSP Pre-School Teacher)