Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria


Focus area - German Language

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria brings together learners from different backgrounds and languages. Some only speak German at home, others speak German and/or English as well as other South African languages. Whilst others come from other countries and speak neither English nor German, but their own mother tongue. All these learners are taught together at the DSP, either in the German-speaking or English-speaking classes.

In the German-speaking classes, lessons are taught in German and the learners learn English as a foreign language. In the English-speaking classes, lessons are taught in English and they are taught German as a foreign language.

In this way, not only does a language community grow together over the years, but also a community of people who learn, play, laugh and grow up together. They do this not only in lessons, but also in after-school activities. The programme ranges from sporting and artistic to technical activities. The unifying element is the German culture, which is always present in the form of events (Oktoberfest, Easter market, Christmas market) and also has an impact and radiates beyond the school and the region.

Why learn German?

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries are home to one of the most fascinating and versatile languages in the world – German. Learning this language not only opens the doors to exciting cultural experiences, but also offers numerous professional and personal benefits. In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why learning German can be a smart decision.

  • Germany is a major centre for education and research  
  • Germany has world-leading universities   
  • There are a variety of study programmes in English and German 
  • It is possible to study in German 
  • German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe   
  • German is widely spoken worldwide  
  • There are many career opportunities
    (e.g. in multinational companies that are active in the German market and build and maintain business relationships with the help of German-speaking employees)
  • German is advantageous in science, technology, business and culture 
  • German enhances your CV thanks to your language skills 
  • The chances of an international career are higher 
  • German-speaking culture, art, music and literature are internationally leading 
  • Germany has a rich history and a vibrant modern art scene 
  • Germany is a country of breathtaking beauty and cultural diversity 
  • Travelling and exploring German-speaking countries, Germany itself, Austria and Switzerland is easy thanks to German language skills 
  • A new language is excellent training for the brain
  • German is an intellectual challenge due to its complex grammar and rich vocabulary  
  • German helps to improve problem solving and analytical thinking skills