Goethe Institute Courses

From the second term of 2022, the Goethe-Institut will run language courses at various levels for adults online and at the DSP. These courses can then also be completed with a recognised Goethe-Institut certificate examination. These certificates are also recognised in Germany.


In order to determine the number of courses, the number of levels and the amount of the course fees, please let us know if you are interested – the feedback is not yet a registration, this will be done separately.


Possible courses are planned for:
– Mon/ Wed: 17-19:30
– Mon/ Wed: 18-20:30
– Tue/ Thu: 17-19:30
– Tue/ Thu: 18-20:30
– Sat: 9-14:00


The following forms of teaching are offered:
– Face-to-face teaching at the DSP
– 50% attendance and 50% online (blended learning)
– online


If in principle you are interested, please send a short mail as soon as possible to:
[email protected],
indicating suitable times and the desired form of teaching.