Grade 12 Valedictory Ceremony

Top DSP learners celebrated at valediction


On 27 November the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria (DSP) celebrated their top-achievers from the Class of 2020 during the annual valedictory ceremony.


The school offers a dual school-leaving certificate which comprises of:

  • The German International Abitur and the National Senior Certificate (NSC)   from the Independent Examination Board (IEB), called the Kombi-Abitur or;
  • The NSC from the IEB together with the German Language Diploma Level 2.

The Grade 12 group of 2020 consisted of 46 learners of which the top four candidates in the respective streams are as follows:


Lisabeth Hasse
Max Mühr
Janina Hettasch
Benjamin Spanaus


Maike Kabutz
Thomas Schulz
Botshelo Masemula
Chandler Jacobus


Dressed for success

The top-achiever in the Kombi-Abitur, Lisabeth Hasse wore an exquisite dress with a special significance during the valediction.  The dress was intended to be her matric ball dress which due to COVID-19 did not take place. The dress is also an art project which this talented young artist created as part of her portfolio.  As most girls do Lisabeth looked for the perfect dress in exclusive stores. After seeing an almost perfect dress which however did not fit her budget she started to innovate, “I adjusted an existing dress and decided to adorn the bodice with lilies, my favourite flower.  I sketched many, many lilies to practice their shape and understand their structure.”  Lisabeth is truly dressed for success and plans to study in Germany to become a professor in a mathematical field.  She wants to gain financial independence in the next 10 years as well as a deep understanding of the world and philosophy.  She aims to learn to live and not just work.

Talented all-rounder wanting to reach out

Our top achiever in the NSC stream, Maike Kabutz is a talented musician, being the principle Oboe player in the Simfonia Juventi Youth Orchestra, a seasoned robotics enthusiast and team captain as well as a passionate unicyclist. Maike has her sights set on studying Occupational Therapy.  “I want to help people around me as much as possible,” says Maike.

In retrospect

Looking back Maike values the enourmous cultural diversity at the DSP as well as the amazing community, teachers and learners.   Lisabeth is proud of the very distinct culture at the DSP that still allows for individual thought.  “Even though we are a fairly small school, we have learners who excel at so many different things. The DSP does not pressure everyone to be the same or do the same things, but encourages each learner to unfold their own individuality and strive towards personal goals. This is evident through all the places where DSP students can be found: international orchestras, sports championships, choir competitions, robotics competitions and so much more,” explains Lisabeth

According to Lisabeth most teachers at the DSP really care about the learners and will not let them waste their life away in the lessons, but try to help the students achieve their personal best in every possible situation.

Thoughts on Lockdown

Both top achievers have great appreciation for the loving support from their families especially during lockdown. Lisabeth commented: “During the lockdown, we had so much schoolwork that it was impossible to be sick for a day or to even not work for a day, in order to keep up with the curriculum. The option of not being motivated did not exist!”


The final stretch

Ms Kapfhammer, who coordinates the combined South African and German qualification at the DSP and Mrs Bischofberger, the NSC-coordinator at the DSP both eagerly await the final marks of the Class of 2020.  This group of learners who despite this unusual year embraced the challenge, made the best of the online learning and gained a level of maturity that will stand them in good stead for the future.

The DSP’s internationally recognised school leaving certificate as well as a sound knowledge of the German language open the door to the world by affording the learners the opportunity to not only study in South Africa but also at universities abroad.

“Our flexible approach through either the Kombi-Abitur or the NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma allows entrance to local universities and opens the door to study internationally. We therefore educate our learners for the world,” concludes Mrs Bischofberger.


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