Have a good holiday!

Dear DSP-community,


Our school, in the more than 120 years of its history, has lived through quite agitated and troubled times: the second Boer war right at the start, two world wars, the rise of the National Party and Apartheid, the release of Nelson Mandela and the first free elections, to name but a few.

But it seems that, for our DSP, all those epic events, which had such a tremendous impact on life in South Africa, pale in comparison with today’s challenges to overcome the Corona crisis.

Who would have thought only 15 weeks ago, in the second week of March, what havoc this virus would wreak on the entire world, on South Africa, and on our school?

For all of us, the last three months were a path into the unknown. And it still is, because we are far from the end of this challenge.

I believe that we all have earned ourselves a short holiday break, with our resilience, compassion, and sense of purpose.

We have all had our moments of doubt and of fear, but together, so far, we have been able to stay the course and be there with and for our children, though not perfectly, not without testing and trying, not without errors, but with a vision and the firm will to get it right for our children.

I would like to thank each and everyone who contributed to that, from the principal and the governing body, to the staff and the teachers, the parents, and grandparents and relatives and friends.

I am very confident that this school will come out of this crisis headstrong. And that our children will cope.


Have a good holiday!


Martin Schäfer
German Ambassador