Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria


History of DSP

DSP Founded
Friedrich Klinkenberg, miller, farmer and friend of Pastor Grünberger, left 10,000 pounds sterling at his death for the foundation and maintenance of a German Protestant congregational school. The Klinkenberg Foundation still supports the DSP from this capital today.
7 April
School Building Completed
The property "Erf 926" on the corner of Maré and Schubart Streets is given as a customary loan for the building of a German school. The Second Boer War breaks out in October. Many German families are interned in Pretoria. The new school is not completed until 1 April 1900, so the first classes for 43 pupils are held on 4 December 1899 in the government grammar school in Bosman Street. All parishioners are as such members of the DSP. The number of pupils soon rises to 103
Foundation of the Union of South Africa
1914 - 1918
Despite War - School Operations Maintained
Despite the outbreak of the First World War and its adverse circumstances, school operations can be maintained.
Construction & Inauguration of New School
The school is too small, and the railway station opposite is too noisy and busy. Construction and inauguration of the new school on the corner of Du Toit and Visagie Streets.
German School Association Founded
More and more parents who do not belong to the community send their children to the DSP, so the German School Association is founded. Continued contractual delegation of 2 church members to the board.
First Boarding House
First DSP Boarding House in the house of Mr Schopf.
1939 - 1945
Not One School Day Lost
Through skillful management and foresight, not a single school day is lost at the DSP, even during the turmoil of the Second World War.
Boarding House Enlarged
The boarding house is enlarged. Strong wave of immigration after the war
Secondary School Lauched
The Primary School is extended by a Secondary School up to the Matric Examination.
First Matric Class Graduates!
The first matric class graduates. The school is bursting at the seams. The Klinkenberg Foundation buys a 15.5-ha plot of land in The Willows.
New School Coming Soon!
Construction of the new school begins with a large-scale school campaign in 1975.
New DSP Opened
The new DSP is opened. First Oktoberfest for financial self-sufficiency. The first Pre-School class of the DSP is built with financial support from the Ohlthaver Foundation. Completion of the assembly hall, swimming pool, gymnasium and roads in a large self-help campaign and with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany. New hostel on the school grounds thanks to a generous donation from Mr Neitz. The DSP becomes a school of encounter with learners from Mamelodi and Eersterust.
First Olympiad Hosted
The first Sports Olympiad of German schools in Southern Africa from Johannesburg, Windhoek, Cape Town, Hermannsburg and Pretoria is hosted by the DSP.
First Abitur Examination
First Abitur examination, very good results. Approximately 960 learners at the DSP. New premises are urgently needed. With the financial support of well-known German companies, the construction of a modern media centre with library and computer rooms is started. This also frees up classrooms.
Inauguration of the New Premises
Inauguration of the new premises. Start of construction of an art centre.
New Art Centre Launched

Inauguration of the "BMW Centre for Art, Crafts and Design."

Celebrating 25 Years of Oktoberfest!
The Deutsche Schule Pretoria celebrates 25 years of Oktoberfest.
VIP Visits DSP
Visit of Federal President Johannes Rau to the school.
New Music Centre Coming Soon!
Construction of the Music Centre, outstanding Abitur results.
Inauguration of Music Centre
10th Olympiad of the German schools in Southern Africa at the DSP, inauguration of the Music Centre, German Unity Day is celebrated at the DSP. For the first time, 1,000,000 Rand are made as profit at the Oktoberfest. A new corporate identity is introduced.
UMALUSI Certified
Successful certification of the DSP at UMALUSI, complete renovation of the large and small swimming pool.
National ATKV-winner is from the DSP
Olympiad in Hermannsburg, Amabala Abantu performs at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, National ATKV-winner is from the DSP.
German Language Diploma Written at DSP
For the first time, the German Language Diploma Level 2 (DSDII) is written at the DSP. Daimler Chrysler sponsors a Sprinter bus with 17 seats.
National Senior Certificate Written at DSP & Kindergarten Launched
The NSC (National Senior Certificate) is written for the first time anywhere in SA and at the DSP. Children as young as 18 months are admitted to Kindergarten.
Last Abitur
Last Abitur in year 13. Renovation of the sports hall and hard court (partly financed by a sponsored run by the children).
25th Anniversary of Kindergarten
Football World Cup is celebrated at the DSP, all games are shown as "public viewing". The 25th anniversary celebration of the Kindergarten takes place on 23 October 2010 in the Backsteinhof.
Introduction of an English medium class & Launch of Aftercare Centre
Introduction of an English medium class in Pre-School and Grade 8. Joint orchestra meeting between the German schools of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek and Pretoria with a final concert attended by 99 musicians. Renovation of the swimming pool and part of the Afterschool Care Centre.
The DSP receives the BLI seal as an "Excellent German School Abroad".
The DSP receives the BLI seal as an "Excellent German School Abroad". First classes of Grades 1 to 9 of the English branch (V branch). First scholarship exchange to France (Réunion) First Viennese Ball at the Sheraton Hotel, organised by the DSP The Robotics Team participates in the World Robot Olympiad in Kuala Lumpur. Laying of the foundation stone of the new Primary School building.
New Primary School Building Inaugurated
New Primary School building (V-Block) is inaugurated. Measures on "renewable energies" are taken. Opening of the DSP Crèche in September.
Werner von Siemens Forum Completed
The "Werner von Siemens Forum" is completed. The DSP Orchestra is invited to play at the World Congress for Schools Abroad in Berlin.
DSP Achievements Shine on the International Stage with Inclusion Award, Siemens Forum Inauguration, and Stellar Performances
The DSP wins 2nd place in an inclusion competition of German schools abroad "DAS - learning and living together". Inauguration of the "Werner von Siemens Forum". The musical "Circle of Life" is successfully performed by DSP students on three evenings at the Brooklyn Theatre. Visit by Ms Ulla Schmid, Vice-President of the German Bundestag. Inauguration of the BOSCH Robotics Laboratory in the presence of Ambassador Lindner and Dr Thill, President of BOSCH in the African Region.
DSP's Victorious Win in 'Pupils Building Bridges' and Innovative Science Week Launch
The DSP is awarded 1st prize in the international competition "Pupils Building Bridges" in Berlin in the presence of the Federal Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier. For the first time, the DSP organises a Science Week, where pupils from Grades 1 to 11 can experience science and technology at first hand. Learners from the partner schools in Mamelodi and Eersterust also took part.
DSP Inaugurates New Facilities, Hosts Orchestra Meeting, and Raises R 135,000 for Library
On 26 May, the new buildings and facilities in the administration and sports area, built with generous support from the Federal Republic of Germany, were inaugurated. The DSP hosted the orchestra meeting of the four German schools in Southern Africa (DSJ, DSK, DHPS, DSP) with a final concert in the Johannesgemeinde where over 90 musicians participated. A sponsored run by the Primary School learners takes place, raising R 135,000 for the establishment of the Primary School library, the so-called "Lesehöle".
DSP successfully hosted a Science Week
The DSP successfully hosted a Science Week for the second time, where learners from Grade 1 to 11 could experience science and technology first-hand. Learners from the Partner Schools in Mamelodi and Eersterust also took part.
Celebrates 30th Anniversary
In 2019, the DSP celebrates its 30th anniversary as a School of Encounter. The annual programme, which included activities in music, sports, science, technology and the arts, concluded on 8 November with an anniversary event at which H.E. Mr Kgalema P Motlanthe, former President of the Republic of South Africa, delivered the keynote address. Graffiti artist Falko One painted the water tower on the school grounds as a lasting reminder of this milestone in the school's history.
From face-to-face Teaching to Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic changes the school day from face-to-face teaching to online learning.

Introducing LOktoberfest
After Oktoberfest 2020 could not take place due to COVID-19 restrictions, an alternative called LOktoberfest was developed to continue the tradition while complying with COVID-19 regulations.
For the 50th matric anniversary, a special DSP rose was cultivated
For the 50th matric anniversary, a special DSP rose was cultivated by Ludwig's Roses. Principle Haß describes the rose's petals as symbolic of the DSP as a place where trust, respect, safety and, above all, growth are alive and well. The starting blocks at the DSP pool were renewed and partly financed by the sale of the anniversary rose and contributions from other sponsors.
Visit of German Foreign Minister

Visit of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria.

The DSP Crèche celebrates its 10th anniversary

DSP celebrates 125 years of educational excellence