Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria


Deeply Rooted, Future-Oriented: 125 Years of Educational Excellence

In view of our 125th school anniversary on 4 December 2024, we are pleased to announce a series of celebratory events and initiatives.

To mark this special milestone, we will be publishing a commemorative publication and setting up a school museum.

Be a Part of Our Commemorative Publication and School Museum

This publication will be a cherished keepsake for generations to come, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Here is how you can contribute

Lived Through History? Share Your Eyewitness Account!

We’re looking for firsthand accounts and interviews to bring our school’s history to life. Did you witness a pivotal moment? Were you part of a memorable tradition? Your story matters! Send us a 300-400 word article  by 30 June 2024 or contact Anja Schlüter  [email protected]  or Ferdinand Jensen [email protected] to set up an interview with you

Your donation will help us preserve artifacts, exhibits, and stories for future generations. Every contribution makes a difference!

Contact: Angelique Pierry-Sharmann [email protected] or DSP Reception 012 803 4106

We cordially invite alumni, former staff and all those associated with the DSP to join us in celebrating 125 years of educational excellence at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria.

Stay in touch, join our alumni database


We invite companies, organisations and individuals to become part of this historic celebration by becoming a sponsor of our anniversary book and event. Your support will not only help to enhance our celebrations, but will also give you the opportunity to show your commitment to the DSP community.

Contact: Angelique Pierry-Sharmann