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Why DSP stands out


At the DSP children have the opportunity to learn German, the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg). The German language ability and our highly rated school leaving certificate, the Abitur or graduation with the NSC and a German language diploma enables learners to study throughout Europe.


Founded in 1899, the DSP bears the seal of an excellent German school abroad. The excellence of our teaching staff is the guarantee for a world-class, nurturing, safe, learning environment.

Global Reach.

Our learners benefit from global networking and our partnerships with German companies and institutions, our community of excellence in education, our diversity, crossing borders, embracing the freedom of expression and the global reach of our alumni who have found careers in South Africa and Europe via the DSP.

DSP Vision & Mission Statement

DSP Team

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History of the DSP

Lerato Ntlailane
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"The DSP is founded on religious principles which encourages a homogeneous environment of learning and has a zero-tolerance on racism and bullying. The model of teaching lays a foundation for learners to work independently and also have critical thinking. Learners take ownership of their learning and cannot wait for the next lesson. Safety and security are also consistent. On the whole, it is an exceptional school allowing learners to further their studies locally and abroad."
Nicolan B M Luis
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"For professional reasons, our children have to be enrolled in an international school. German was always our preferred language. The DSP was chosen after we were informed that there was no problem in enrolling in the German branch at 6 years old with no previous knowledge of the language. The patience and understanding this implied assured us that the DSP was the right school. We want our children to learn in a school that teaches a curriculum that is coherently followed by schools in many countries. The choice of German is because of our respect and admiration for German culture, and it is the language of the EU’s engine."
Sean Harris
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"We have witnessed massive and exponential development in our daughter. She is blessed to have teachers with endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligence, and passion each and every day. We have become part of a bigger German family by learning more about the language and culture. This is a good school that sees the future of learning and merges it with the potential of the present."
Theresa Tapiwa Mhike
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"For me as a parent, the DSP is a whole package as it enriches the learners with all the basic pillars of life."
Isabella Nomba Hlabangu
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"Because I attended the school and remember how I felt to be in the school I wanted this for my child."
Natasha van den Berg
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"My children attend the DSP because of the school’s diversity with regards to children and school staff being able to express individualism."
Crystal Hart
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"I love that my children are exposed to children and families of various cultural and social backgrounds. Despite being a private school, children from all walks of life attend the DSP. The DSP is different in that it gives a lot of opportunities and there are always trustworthy people to talk to."
Obetta Anthoma
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"I am so glad my daughter is at the DSP – it is the best choice I made."
Jolandi Becker
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"I have no doubt that the DSP was the right decision for our family. From the amazing teachers to the diverse learners and the beautiful school grounds. We love the school and school community and the impact and influence it has on our children! The DSP is my partner in the education of my children."
Moses Moodley
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"The DSP is an international school that has very high academic standards which follow the German syllabus and maintain the German culture. This makes the DSP an excellent German school abroad. The school prepares my children for a future world of work based on diversity, equality and inclusion."
Hugh Makhaya
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"My wife attended the DSP and we wanted to afford our daughter the same quality education and exposure to different cultures to help her grow and be more tolerant and understanding of others. A great school that offers the best education and employs qualified staff to nurture young minds with a rich culture and spirit of giving back to previously disadvantaged communities."
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"As a parent, I see the DSP as a foundation for my children to pursue a possible education in Germany. "