Primary School

Our Primary School encompasses Pre-School to Grade 4.

Primary School

“Growing togetherˮ is the motto of the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria’s (DSP) Primary School.

Pre-School to Grade 4 make up the Primary School of the DSP. The Primary School consists of two streams: the German speaking classes with German as medium of instruction and English as their second language and the English speaking classes with English as the medium of instruction and German as their second language.


Most of our Pre-School learners turn six during their first school year. We focus on strengthening the learners’ abilities through play in the various areas of development – emotional readiness, early mathematical concepts as well as phonological self-awareness, so that they are optimally prepared for enrolment in Grade 1.

In order to make the transition from Pre-School into Primary School as smooth and harmonious as possible, the Pre-School learners participate in many activities of the Primary School. They therefore get to know the school grounds and some teachers.

Grade 1 – 4

In Primary School, the basic skills of reading and writing as well as the content of our school curriculum and different methods are taught. Our curriculum is based on the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg and the South African curriculum. The competences mastered in the Primary School form the foundation for further learning in the Secondary School (Grade 5).

We cater for the individual developmental stages of the learners through differentiation and keeping our classes to a maximum of 27 learners.

In the Primary School each class has their own class teacher. This allows flexibility of lessons by the class teacher who, in principle, teaches the core subjects German/English as first language, Mathematics and Social Studies. The learners feel “at home” in their classroom and their class teacher is their constant contact person for all school-related matters.

Pre-School to Grade 2 learners have the opportunity to participate in the subject “LEGO” as an extra mural. Grade 3 and Grade 4 have “LEGO Robotics” integrated into their timetable.

We offer several subjects of special interest each year.


Several support programmes are offered for German, English and Mathematics.


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