Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria


Primary School


6 years – 10 years

Class size 20 – 25

Class duration

45 minutes

School day

7:30 – 12:30
Pre-School - Grade 2

7:30 - 13:45
Grade 3 - Grade 4 (according to time table)

Grade 1 – 4

Healthy Meals

Tuckshop and Lunch options

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Extramural Activities

The school has an array of sports and cultural extramural activities for learners to choose from. Primary School learners have the option of a free “Move-and-Play” offering from 13:00 – 14:30 which is supervised by our sports coach

Admission Requirements: Pre-School & Primary School

Afterschool Care Centre (Tagesheim)

Afterschool Care

After school care is provided on school days from Monday to Friday between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm at our own facilities with an outdoor area on the school grounds. Our German- and English-language educational programme is aimed at DSP learners from Pre-School to Grade 6 who want or need all-day care. Afterschool care is designed to provide children with a supportive and enriching environment where they feel comfortable and safe, even after regular school hours. Here they are guided by qualified staff through a structured afternoon.

In the Afterschool Care Centre, the children can:

Aspects of afternoon care at the centre

Learners receive homework assistance. The caregivers can help the learners with comprehension questions, offer additional explanations and teach learning strategies to improve their academic performance.
Supervised free play is designed to allow children unwind and relax after a long day at school. Afternoon supervision offers the opportunity to discover and develop individual interests and talents. For this purpose, the children can participate in the school’s extracurricular activities or use the offers of the Afterschool Care Centre.
The afternoon care aims to promote the development of social skills in children. Through joint activities and projects, the children learn to work together in groups, solve conflicts constructively, take responsibility and improve their communication skills.
The afterschool care centre team supports the learners in strengthening their self-confidence and developing their personality. This can be achieved by promoting independence, independent action, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. This also includes teaching life skills such as stress management, time management and developing positive relationships.

Holiday Care In The Afterschool Care Centre

Currently, during all DSP school holidays, the Afterschool Care Centre offers an attractive holiday programme on school grounds for learners from Pre-School to Grade 6. (Exception: school closes around the end of the year).

Care can be booked for half day (07:30-14:30) or full day (until 17:30).

In addition to time for free play, we offer a variety of activities: ​

However, group excursions, e.g. to cultural events, to the zoo or into nature, can also be organised.

Holiday care at the Afterschool Care Centre is designed to offer children a versatile care option during the school holidays that is pedagogically sound and helps them to strengthen their social skills, gain new experiences and actively spend their free time having fun.

Our long opening hours, also during the holidays, enable working parents to know that their children are in good hands while they themselves work.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please refer to the school fee table for costs.