Environmental awareness in contemporary literature

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dürbeck from the University of Vechta was a guest at the DSP on Tuesday, 19.04.2022, and discussed the topic of “Environmental awareness in contemporary literature” with the Grade 11a and 12a learners.


Ms Schlüter and Dr Krüger prepared the learners for the discussion in their German lessons. Starting with their own understanding of nature and their relationship to nature, the learners found out how the topic developed in poems from nature poetry to eco-lyrics to environmental poetry. Based on Magnus Enzensberger’s poem “Klimamaschine”, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann’s “Landschaft” and the “Natur-Gedicht” by Jürgen Becker, there was a lively discussion about the function of poetry for nature and climate protection. The event ended with Vanessa Nakate’s 10 suggestions from her novel “Unser Haus steht längst in Flammen” (2021). In it, she formulates what individuals can do to become active in the field of nature and environmental protection.


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dürbeck urged the learners that they are the generation that matters for the future of our planet.