Vision and Mission

In harmonious co-existence and without prejudice the learners of our school grow to become mature citizens with a reputation of being self-confident and critical as they make their contribution to society. The world is theirs to explore.


In our Vision and Mission Statement we define our core objectives and principles that guide the academic work and interaction at our school. The school community of the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria considers itself bound by this Vision and Mission Statement which was developed in a jointly steered process at the end of 2011.

  1. Tolerant and open-minded citizens
    The Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria is a centre of German language and culture and at the same time maintains an international orientation. Education at this school is the basis for the development of tolerant and open-minded citizens.
  2. External relations
    Our school fosters and promotes sustainable external relations, particularly in southern Africa and with Germany.
  3. Ethical norms and Christian values
    These guide the interaction of all members of the school community. Cooperation is characterised mainly by sound communication as partners, mutual trust and motivation through recognition.
  4. Democracy
    Our school is characterised by an active culture of democratic teaching and learning. This allows our learners to gain first-hand experience with democracy and helps them acquire social skills.
  5. Diversity is our richness
    Our school community considers its cultural and social diversity, as well as the heterogeneity of its learners, an enrichment and promotes integration within and outside the school, also through inclusive measures.
  6. Science, art, sport
    Our school provides a diverse offer in the fields of science, art and sport.
  7. Highest academic standards
    At our school, qualified and team-oriented educators teach according to highest academic standards. They continuously improve the quality of our work and are regularly assessed through internal and external evaluations.
  8. Self-directed learning
    At our school, all competence-oriented teaching and learning processes have the objective of deepening the knowledge of learners, promoting their problem-solving abilities and equipping them for self-directed learning.
  9. Committed parents
    At our school, committed and open parents closely cooperate with all other school groups.
  10. Strong, confident, well-rounded
    Learners leave our school as strong and confident personalities with a well-rounded education.