Words of welcome from the acting principal Mr. Ehrich

Words of welcome from the acting principal  Mr. Ehrich

“How can I help?”


This guiding principle for a new school leadership situation, which I did not imagine would happen so quickly, is intended to support me as I begin my work as acting principle. I have taken over a very unsettled school community due to the radical restructuring of the school management, which I would like to rebuild and motivate.


After 12 years as deputy head, taking on the new role within a few days instead of the planned three months was something I had to let sink in. How did I feel? Uncertainty? My state of health? Work overload? Support measures? How can I convincingly go before a staff, a parent body and a learner body that had to adjust to such a rapidly changing DSP situation without courage or hope?


There was not much time to come before the school audience with a plan for the educational leadership. We lost two deputies since the beginning of February, now also surprisingly quickly the principal Ms. Kiehn. Many discussions were held at various levels in South Africa and Germany to maintain the school leadership.


Ms. Kapfhammer will now be responsible for the German school-leaving certificates, the official communication with Germany and the ADLKs, the KMK and the ZfA, the statistics and the like. Mrs. Bischofberger will continue to take care of the South African qualifications, which she has now had a firm grip on for one and a half years. Should I need a substitute, Ms. Kapfhammer (Abitur coordinator), Mrs. Müller-Sonder (NSec head) or Mrs. Bischofberger (NSC coordinator) will take over as required. The Secondary School Heads I & II and the Primary School Head are occupied as before and continue to fulfil their tasks so well. Thus the organisational structure and the official channels for the pedagogical work are confirmed and transparent for the colleagues, learners and parents. The good cooperation with the management of the Kindergarten and the Afterschool Care Centre as well as with the administration continues as before.


I continue to expect good cooperation from everyone in the DSP community, as I have experienced so far in the past years, and I am convinced that together, with some changes, we can go a good and forward-looking way. In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to driving a line of communication that will rekindle hope for an Excellent German School Abroad for all the school bodies involved – even beyond the borders of the country.


With the question in all situations in everyday school life: “How can I help?” I would like to awaken a positive attitude that will turn the current mood around for the better in a goal-oriented and problem-solving way. I would be happy if everyone enjoyed coming to school again and felt good.


I thank you for the good wishes and support from all sides, not to say from all over the world, that I have already received!


Mr. Wolfgang Ehrich
Acting Principal