Our Approach

The DSP journey from 3 months to Abitur or Grade 12 – our language approach explained


At Crèche (from 3 months) and in the DSP Kindergarten, children are guided and supported by qualified educators who approach their work holistically.


The Kindergarten has parallel German and English groups. Our Kindergarten team works closely with the Primary School to enable a successful transition from Kindergarten to Grade R.


English-speaking children can be enrolled in the Grade R class of the V-Branch, which is the English branch with the emphasis on learning German.


At Primary School the learners’ proficiency in their foreign language (English or German) is improved to enable them to cope with the language at a second language level.


Efficient, modern teaching and learning methods as well as differentiation ensure the progress of every child in the subjects German, English and Mathematics and promote individual development.


The Secondary School I of the German branch encompasses Grades 5 – 9. Learning at this level is guided by German educational standards. There is close co-operation with the educators of the V-branch (English branch) and the New Secondary School through joint teaching of subjects or integrated learning groups. Modern teaching methods are used throughout.


Subject teachers lay the foundation for modern languages, natural sciences and social sciences and further develop these. Sport and musical-artistic subjects contribute significantly to developing well-rounded individuals. Our extensive extra-curricular activities support the maturation of young people and give them room to develop.


At the end of Grade 9 learners decide whether they want to follow the Kombi Programme or the NSC Programme.


The language of tuition in the Kombi Programme is German. The Kombi-Abitur enables entry into German or South African universities. In order to promote individual competencies, a methodological curriculum is introduced from Grade 5. This paves the way for our learners to develop a broad spectrum of skills for independent learning which is a prerequisite for successful studies at universities around the world.


In the NSC Programme, tuition is in English and learners are prepared for the NSC examination as set by the Independent Examination Board. The NSC examination is the central South African school leaving examination after Grade 12. At the DSP, it can be supplemented by the German Language Diploma (DSD II). The NSC in combination with the DSD II qualify a learner to study in Germany.


Our flexible approach through either the Kombi-Abitur or the NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma allows entrance to local universities and opens the door to study internationally. We therefore equip our learners to tailor a global future for themselves regardless of the path they choose.