Secondary School

The Secondary School consists of Secondary School I from Grade 5 – 9 and Secondary School II from Grade 10 – 12.

Secondary School I (Grades 5 to 9)

After completing the Primary School in Grade 4, learning continues in Grade 5 on a gymnasium school level guided by German educational standards.

On the foundation of modern and open teaching methods as well as differentiation based on competency, integrated learning takes places in our multi-cultural set-up. Subject teachers lay the foundation for foreign languages, natural sciences and social sciences. Sport and musical-artistic subjects contribute to developing well-rounded individuals.

In the Secondary School I (Grades 5 – 9) there is close cooperation with the educators in the German and English-speaking classes through joint teaching of subjects or integrated learning groups. In the German classes the Secondary School I can be completed with a school-leaving certificate equivalent to the German “Hauptschulabschluss” (Grade 9) or “Realschulabschluss” (Grade 10).

Secondary School II (Grades 10 to 12)

At the end of Grade 9, in view of the Secondary School II (Grade 10 – 12) learners decide whether they want to follow the Kombiabitur or the NSC Programme.


The language of tuition in the Kombiabitur is mainly German and affords learners a dual school leaving certificate (the German International “Abitur” and the NSC).

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NSC Programme

In the NSC, learners are prepared in the English medium for the NSC examination as set by the Independent Examination Board. The NSC examination is the central South African school leaving examination after Grade 12. At the DSP, it can be supplemented by the German Language Diploma (DSD II). The NSC in combination with the DSD II qualify a learner to study in Germany.


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